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  • Version : 4.4.3.e

    Release Date: Sep 7 2020


    1. Bug fix

    • The issue for importing documents have no word or only stop words has been completely fixed.

    • The expiration date of license key. 


  • Version : 4.4.3.d

    Release Date: May 8, 2020


    1. Bug fix

    • File >> Import Unstructured Text : The way to preprocess documents have no word or only stop words has been fixed.
        - If user imports some documents have no word or only stop words, these documents will be also imported in dataset 'Document'. 


  • Version : 4.4.3.c

    Release Date: April 17, 2020


    1. Bug fix

    • File >> Import Unstructured Text : The error of word sequence value has been fixed.
    (There was nothing wrong with text analysis such as word network or topic modeling.)


  • Version : 4.4.3.b

    Release Date: July 22, 2019


    1. Bug fix

    • Some script function errors (add1modelinkList, add2modelinkList, add1modelinkattribute) have been fixed.

    (FYI, Word Network, Automatic Topic modeling plug-in are related to this function.)


  • Version : 4.4.3.a

    Release Date: July 16, 2019


    1. Enhancement

    • Communication method has been changed with NetMiner Extension(REST API header size) - User can preprocess more big data in NetMiner extensions and import them into NetMiner. 

    • Some libraries for save and open of .nmf file has been changed. This enhancement reduced the error possibility during saving the file. 


    2. Bug fix

    • File encoding error of user dictionaries was fixed (If user imported user dictionaries with a short word in 'Import Unstructured Text', NetMiner loaded them in wrong encoding. So they didn't work well.)

    • Correct the error that NetMiner was unexpectedly closed when user run 'Word Cloud' and pressed the esc key.

    • MySQL and MariaDB(above ver 5.1) connection error due to time zone was fixed. - Menu File >> Import DB Tables



  • Version : 4.4.3

    Release Date: May 21, 2019


    1. Enhancement

    • The text data import process supports the .xlsx file format in File >> Import Unstructured Text

    • Allows users to import text data more quickly with 'defined words' among user dictionaries in File >> Import Unstructured Text

    •  This enhancement reduced the error possibility during saving the file.

    2. Bug fix & Typo

    • The error of sorting was fixed (The error occured when NetMiner sorted the attribute of subnode without any mainnodeset attribute.)

    • Correct the value of group properties in [M] Clustered of Betweenness Community(Symmetrize & Dichotomize wasn't considered on the value).

    • Change report item name in Community, Clustering result table (e.g. Analyze > Cohesion > Community > Betweenness) : 'Modularity' in [T] Cluster matrix has been changed to 'Best Cut' 


  • Version : 4.4.2.c

    Release Date: Feb, 28, 2019


    1. New Extension

    • Biblio Data Collector for research trend analysis has been released. 

    2. Bug fix

    • Correct some error in text process for Biblio Data Collector

  • Version : 4.4.2.b

    Release Date: Jan, 24, 2019


    1. Bug fix

    • Correct the error(calculation error for the minimum value in Main Report of Mining >> Clustering >> K-means.)

  • Version : 4.4.2.a

    Release Date: Jan, 15, 2019


    1. Bug fix

    • Correct the error in Analyze >> Cohesion >> K-plex

    • Correct the error in Statistics > Logistic Regression > Vector / Matrix

    • REST API: function 'addtonodeattribute' didn't work. 

    • Import error: Some excel file(.xlsx) with a high compression ratio)

  • Version : 4.4.2

    Release Date: Nov, 21 2018


    1. Enhancement

    • Improve the performance for importing unstructured text data. It shortens the time to analyze unstructured text data
    (Now: 6 min for importing about 20000 articles / Before: 3-4 hours)

    • It allowed to add the attibute of mainnodeset to 2-mode network between the mainnodeset and the attribute
    (Mouse right-click on mainnode dataset - Click 'Add to workfile' - 'Click 2-mode network')

    • Add an option for replacing the diagonal on Transform >> Value >> Diagonal.

    • Add an option for measuring the frequency of subnodeset on Statistics >> Frequency >> Vector.

    • Rest API: check whether server port is available. 

    2. Bug fix

    • Correct the error the program was closed when clicking 'Run process' on 'Motif Search'

    • Correct the error sometimes a few links was not showed in a network map.