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1.New Python-based Script Workbench and Adaptability of user-generated Plug-in

  • NetMiner embed internal Python-based script engine which equipped with the automatic Script Generator for unskilled users. Then the users can operate NetMiner with existing GUI or programmable script language. Also the user-generated script program can be compiled promptly to internal Plug-in to be added to the main menu through few clicks. This means the users can make their own reusable processes or methods, and share them with other users. It is expected that the brand-new Script Workbench will dramatically increase the productivity and efficiency of SNA research.
script package
a. Program repetitive or conditional operations
b. Run batch-processing
c. Other Python libraries can be included
d. Create user's own algorithms or functions
e. Script Generator support automatic script writing
f. Compile the script program to Plug-in and share it

2. Enhanced User Interface and functions

  • The new beautiful Toolbar and redesigned Control Panel will provide more convenience and usability with users. Some essential enhancement of existing functions and critical bug-fixes are done
a. Newly designed Toolbar enables convenient access
to useful functions
b. Improved Control Panel shorten the time to set analysis
and visualization options
c. Support the recent Excel file format(.xlsx) in the import
and export function

3. New License Management Server for the organizations

  • The organizations that own multiple licenses or users can manage them more efficiently and effectively through new Cyram License Server function. IT manager can grant or revoke the right to execute the program at his/her seat. Furthermore the organization can install NetMiner on the high-performance server computer which could be shared by multiple concurrent users. (This feature is available for Institute or Enterprise license only.)
a. Manage the multiple and various types of software
licenses efficiently
b. Operate the analysis server for the multiple
concurrent users

4. Enhanced 3D Network Map

  • NetMiner is the first SNA software which features the actual 3D network map. It is not to visualize nodes or links which look like 3D. NetMiner generates a network map in three dimensions. Also the point of view can be changed at user's pleasure, users can explore the network more easily and in great detail.
a. It provides the adjustment of the various options
for effective visualization, such as focus, light,
and decoration of nodes.

5. Recording Visual Exploration

  • NetMiner enables you to make your presentation more rich and dynamic. You can figure out the network in more detailed form by map-controlling functions which are zoom-in/out, panning(screen), styling and changing the layout. And the displayed screen can be recorded in video.
      In addition, editing which includes adding and deleting of specific section, changing video speed and many more is available. Scenario-view by VIDEO function of NetMiner enables you to give your presentation more effectively. (Exportation of Video to external video format will be available soon.)

6. Mining Module based on Machine Learning

  • NetMiner provides data mining modules based on Machine Learning, which are reduction, classification, clustering, and recommendation. Results of those analysis can be used as input data of social network analysis for analysis.

1. Expressive and Systematic Network Data Model

  • NetMiner has the comprehensive data model expressing various types of nodes, links, node attributes and link attributes. Through its data model, NetMiner is able to represent most social, natural and physical phenomena as network data.

2. Standardized Option and Output of Process

  • All option items of any data transformation, analysis or visualization process are placed into few standardized categories in NetMiner. And diverse results of its processes are classified into four formalized types of report, i.e. main report, table, map and chart report. Due to the standardization, users can understand the characteristics of analysis well, furthermore, they can expect or find the position of results after executing their tasks.

3. Session-based Execution of Process

  • Analysis modules in NetMiner are executed by session-based method. When the module is selected, the corresponding session is opened, which contains input data, processing options, execution activities, and results related to module. By the session-based structure, NetMiner remembers all procedures executed by user, and enables its innovative functions, e.g. exploratory or what-if analysis.

4. Mix and Match of Numerical and Graphical Output

  • NetMiner produces the both of numerical and graphical form at the same time in each execution of analysis module, which fit for each other.

5. Interactive Visual Exploration of Map

  • NetMiner supports the additional exploratory operation in a instant point-and-shooting style on the map without opening new session. The visual interactivity or visual exploration is one of the key features that differentiate NetMiner with other SNA software since its birth.

6. Integrating Output into Dataset

  • Usually there are needs to use output data as input data in the analytical tasks. But this job is used to accompany a lot of burdensome operations. NetMiner has the systemic way and internal structure to use data recursively in every phase of analysis.

7. Managing Data and Process History

  • The session-based structure of NetMiner enables analysts to manage many variations of dataset and task processes efficiently. So users can track the records of executed processes and the history of data transformation easily, and reuse them.

8. GU-and-Script-based Software with WYSWYG Script

  • Python-based script engine makes NetMiner to be programmable. By this new feature, batch-processing and generating users' own algorithms are possible. As well as this, user's own algorithm or logic can be compiled as plug-in program and inserted to the main pull-down menu of NetMiner. Additionally, for a person who is inexperienced in a programming field, the automatic script generator based on GUI mode is supported.