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Flexible licensing options are available in order to meet various needs, when using NetMiner in your classroom, work group, enterprise and campus.

Term 1 year / Perpetual
Data Size
(Number of Nodes)
Small (~1,000)
Medium (~10,000)
Large (~100,000)
Huge (~1,000,000)
Packages Basic Package + Optional Packages

Academic Use

  • (1) License
    The LICENSEE must be a degree-granting educational institution or its enrolled faculty and academic staffs. Research and development divisions, administration center within educational institution and other not-for-profit organizations do not qualify for the Academic license.
  • (2) Installation
    Software may only be installed and operated on one (1) individual, stand-alone computer that the LICENSEE owns or leases, provided (i) the Software are only accessible to, and operated by LICENSEE, and (ii) the LICENSEE has provided machine- specific identification for that computer through the registration and activation process. Network installation is prohibited.
  • (3) User
    Any enrolled student, or employee (faculty and academic staffs) who is granted as an individual or authorized by the licensee to use the Software. As used herein, "employees" exclude subcontractors and consultants of the LICENSEE.
  • (4) Use
    The installation and use of the Software are allowed for the purpose of: (i) in the case of employees (faculty and academic staff), teaching, and non-commercial, academic research in their ordinary course as LICENSEE's employees; (ii) in the case of enrolled students, meeting classroom requirements of courses and study offered by the LICENSEE. Any other use is expressly prohibited.

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