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Flexible licensing options are available in order to meet various needs, when using NetMiner in your classroom, work group, enterprise and campus.

Term 1 year
Data Size
(Number of Nodes)
Small (~1,000)
Medium (~10,000)
Large (~100,000)
Huge (~1,000,000)
Packages Basic Package + Optional Packages

Student Use (Research)

  • (1) License
    The LICENSEE must be a student, who intends to write a research paper using the Software. The term of the Student License expires automatically in an instant after the duration of such enrollment or participation in the aforementioned task.
  • (2) Installation
    The Software may only be installed and operated on one (1) individual, stand-alone computer that the LICENSEE owns or leases, provided (i) the Software are only accessible to, and operated by LICENSEE, and (ii) the LICENSEE has provided machine-specific identification for that computer through the registration and activation process. Network installation is prohibited.
  • (3) User
    Any enrolled student of a degree-granting educational institution or any student participating in a continuing education program at a degree-granting educational institution.
  • (4) Use
    The installation and use of the Programs are allowed for the purpose of, in this case, meeting classroom requirements of courses and study offered by the degree-granting educational institution and writing a research paper. Any other use is expressly prohibited.

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